| 2012.10.10 | 08:38 | The cornerstone |

If the theme of last year was letting go, the theme of this year is self-development.

I have been hungry for knowledge. I have bought more books than any previous years, on a wide range of topics that I would love to explore (and actually finished reading most of them!).

I started my master degree, after many years of hesitation, and was lucky enough to discover and get admitted to a programme on an area that I have much interest in. What I am looking for is to broaden my horizon and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of things I encounter in life.

More importantly, I have been more aware of myself - my body, my movement, my health and the voice within. I have made efforts hardly noticeable by others but giving me great satisfaction. I have undergone subtle transformation and I expect it to bring out the best of myself. There has been hardly anything specifically to be pointed out, but every tiny thing adds up.

When I look back at this year in the future, it likely has been the year that I lay the cornerstone for many more years to come.